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Client Success Story: How We Helped One Customer Save Money on Insurance

Client Success Story: How We Helped One Customer Save Money on Insurance

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Your home is likely the most valuable asset you own, so naturally you want to offset your risk with a homeowners policy, and of course, there’s no getting around auto insurance. Together these policies protect your investments - and you - in a multitude of ways. We get it though, these things add up quickly, and it can seem that money’s not doing much for you. With the cost of everything going through the roof, we know how important it is to cut out all the costs you can.  That’s why we wanted to share with you one of our most recent customer testimonials.

Understandably, it was painful for our client to look at how much money she had been throwing at her insurance company for far too long.  After sending me over her current insurance declarations (DEC) pages for her auto and homeowners insurance policies, I was able to compare her current policies to all the carriers I represent.  The results were incredible - she had been overpaying on her homeowners policy for years!  She had been paying hundreds for coverages she didn’t need, and missing out on some that could have come in handy.  It was apparent to me that her agent was not taking care of her, and was instead more interested in padding his wallet.

Although we are not able to help her with her auto policy just yet (we just need more time with her current insurer), I was able to replace her existing homeowner’s policy with a new insurance carrier.  Not only did she get a better policy with more standard coverages, she is now saving over $594.00 a year in the process!

If you are not getting the level of service from your current insurance agent, think you might be paying too much, or just have questions please contact us!